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  eyebrows 6.00
  upper lip 2.50
  chin / neck 3.00
  eyebrows, upper lips 11.00
  forehead 3.00
  sides of the face wax 7.00
  sides of the face threading 8.00
  full face wax 15.00
  full face threading 16.50
  face 7.50
  arms 20.00
  back 25.00
  stomach 20.00
Eellipse hair removal (laser)
  permanent hair reduction with flash intense pulse light    
  patch test 20.00
  basic pedicure25.00
  pedicure with paraffin wax30.00
  luxury pedicure with paraffin wax35.00
  pamper yourself with ultimate spa experience, includes removing dead skin, hydrating foot mask with heated mittens & massage (with electric chair)    
  French nail varnish - toes10.00
Men's hair
  dry cut clipper10.00
  dry cut scissor over comb13.00
  wash & cut15.00
  boys under 107.00
  perms / hi-lites35.00
Men's beauty
  grooms facial55.00
  seaweed facial35.00
 Aesthipeel (skin abrasion)
  microdermabrasion treatment includes:45.00
  peeling, ageing, enlarged pores, line wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, stretch mark reduction, under eye dark circles, acne    
 Dermalogical facial (optimum skin care)
have a free face mapping with any of these facials
 Face treatment 
  this is the framework on which all dermalogical skin care treatment are built for which it offers the maximum flexibility in the treatment49.00
 Power regeneration treatment
  (dry, sun damaged, ageing, prematurely ageing)
ideal for prematurely ageing, dry, skin damaged skin conditions. a powerful retinol based exfoliation with deep penetrating vitamin therapies.
 Medicated clearing treatment
  (acne, blemishes, future acne, breakout)
perfect for clients suffering from breakouts, this service helps to clear existing blemishes while helping to prevent future ones.
 Skin brightening treatment 49.00
  course of 6 treatments240.00
  (pigmentation, UV exploses, regalales melanin)
help to balance uneven skin pigmentation with our botanically based, non chemical technique.
 Purifying back treatment
  this treatment focuses on deeply purifying the skin on the back while relascing stressed muscles

 OAP (Wednesday's) only
  men dry cut 8.50
  ladies dry cut13.50
  wash & set13.50
  wash & blow dry14.50
  wash cut & blow dry24.00
  wash & cut14.00
  bio-life herbal perm55.00
  spiral perm 70.00
 Conditioning treatment
  scalp massage & steam 15.00
 High frequency
  treatment for falling hair 30 mins 15.00
Men's hair
  dry cut clipper10.00
  dry cut scissor over comb13.00
  wash & cut15.00
  boys under 107.00
  perms / hi-lites35.00
  full legs 18.00
  ankle to knee11.50
  upper legs 13.50
  bikini line 7.50
  deep bikini 8.50
  Brazilian bikini20.00
  Hollywood bikini20.00
  full arms 12.00
  half arms 9.50
  under arms 6.50
  stomachbrazilian or Hollywood with hot wax


  15 mins 12.00
  30 mins 19.00
  45 mins 26.00
  60 mins 35.00
  basic manicure15.00
  luxury manicure with paraffin wax21.00
  essential for health hands & nails, maintains nails, cuticle & skin with regular treatment recommended.    
  French manicure25.00
  French nail varnish7.00
 Nail extensions
  full set acrylic25.00
  in fills 16.00
  nail repair 3.00
  airbrush design one colour6.00
  nail art 7.00
  full set gel 35.00
  in fill gel 18.00
CND Shellac
 shellac on hands 23.00
 shellac on hands + full manicure38.00
 shellac on feet 23.00
 shellac on feet + full pedicure48.00
 take off  5.00
Men's waxing
  full legs 35.00
  full back 35.00
  full chest 35.00
  full arms 20.00
 Isoderm (facelift)
 for enlarged pores & tightens the skin combined with above to give faster results 25.00
Jean D'estrees facial
 Synergessence (perscriptive facial) customising treatment to your skin - oily, combination, dehydrated, sensitive, anti-aging
per treatment
 Prevention (anti-fatigue) chocolate facial. Suitable for all skin types to treat dull, stressed and all over tired skin this brings immediate radiance and sparkle to the skin as well as combating aging
per treatment
 Luxury 3D RIDES (anti-wrinkle facial) A high performance treatment inspired by dermatology with a triple action, giving a 'Botox' like effect, the skin is replumped, wrinkes are visibly reduced, complecion is more radiant and skin is visibly younger (course of six treatments is recommended)
per treatment
 Luxury Total Youth Eye Treatment. This eye contrary treatment is ideal for those tired eyes, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines which can be visibly treated (course of six treatments is recommended)
per treatment
 Luxury Total Youth
A premium skin rejuvente facial inspired by the latest stem cell technology towards a healthy, radiant, firmer and youthful complexion (course of six treatments recommended)
per treatment
Green Peel
A herbal peel with over 50 years of successful results worldwide, helps peel naturally, encourages cell regeneration, visible results for acneaic scarring, pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, melasma, good for any parts.
3 stages of peels
Illuminate your skin, softer peeling treatment for greater freshness, radiance and for an immidiate visible lift
Stimulate your skin, vitality and regeneration kick for your skin (for targeted problem solving through regenerative support)
  Classic (peel + follow up treatment on fifth day + three homecare products)
Renew your skin, many people with obvious skin problems wish they could revive their skin without using damaging chemicals or cosmetic surgery
 Mela White 
 Mela White is a treatment range to help clear skin complexion. Sucessful results for pigmentation, melasma, discolouration, scarring, sundamaged skin
Mela White
Mela White Advance

 This treatment helps to calm down the skin which is sensitised by environmental conditions e.g. Rosacea, also helps the skin to build it's natural barrier of protections. Award winning range of homecare products also available
(Course of six treatments recommended)
 'Repechage' facials
 for younger looking skin with visibly renewed moisture and an afterglow that lasts. ideal treatment for a special occasion or wedding day.    
  Bridal 4 layer facial (any skin) 1/4 hour 65.00
  aromatherapy purifying facial (oily/combination skin) I hour 39.00
  seaweed facial (dry/oil skin) 45 mins 39.00
  mini facial 20 mins 18.00
  shehnaz herbals facial 45 mins 39.00
  thermoherb facial 1 hour 39.00
  veg peel/shehnaz herbal 49.00
 Environmental control treatment
  (red inflamed or itchy)
even your most environmentally sensitised client will benefit from this incredibly smoothing, ski protecting treatment if your skin is looking red & inflamed or feeling itchy.
 Revitalising eye rescue treatment
  this treatment firms & tones the eye area, helping to diminish fine lines & reduce puffiness. it can be performed alone or incorporated into any professional treatment prior to the masque 49.00
 Hair From
  cut & blow dry 28.00
  restyle & blow dry 27.00
  wash & cut 18.00
  wash & restyle 20.00
  wash & blow dry 15.00
  dry cut trim only (no restyle on dry cut) 14.00
  wash & roller set 17.00
  dry cut (layers) 15.00
  full head colour55.00
  root tint 30.00
  henna shoulder length25.00
  cap hi-lites 45.00
  foil hi-lites60.00
  half head 45.00
  few hi-lites / lo-lites5.00
  colour stripping25.00
 aromatherapy / Thai / Swedish / deep tissue
60 mins
 30 mins 30.00
  foot/Indian head massage 30 mins30.00