HD Brows
Eyebrows frames the face , balances the features and express our emotions but take one step further we have revolutionised eyebrows care to give everyone that extra good , feel good factor . HD Brows is much more than just shaping , our specially tailored made procedures and treatments to transform even move plucked , uneven , spars or overgrown in HD Brows which also gives a mini face effect

30 30 mins
Gelish is a unique gel polish which goes on your nails like a polish with over 70 unique colours which stays approxmately 3 weeks without damaging your natural nail bed , the company was developed in 1010 Nail Harmony uk ( Gelish) was the 1st company in uk to introduce the LED Lamps .
The company was founded in1979 , Shellac "THE ORIGINAL POWER POLISH" delivers 14+ days of flawless wear superior colours and mirror shine and Zero drying time and no nail damage , Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free extended wear nail colour .
Gelish or Shellac manicure 25.00
Gelish or Shellac pedicure 35.00
incl : cutting , shaping , pushing back & cutting of extra cuticles 
Kurland With The Power Of Nature
Kurland skincare has become a truly unique yet comprehensive range of pure & natural products that includes and Unrivalled selection of Mud's , Herbs , Salts , Creme mixtures and Oils , indulge yourself in sumptuous Rosul muds or envelope in the array Moor Mud & Creme mixtures high in minerals & vitamins that will soften hydrate & purify the skin , Kurland mud's can be used as body wraps as an additions to treatments , Brine , Fruit extracts and chalk can be applioed in various treatments ranging from Scrubs , Wraps etc ,In addition kurland's oil compositionss made from fruits , nuts , seeds can Transport even the most stressed individual to a STATE OF BLISS & RELAXATION .
1hour body treatment
20 mins bodyscrub followed by hot towels or shower then 30 mins body massage
30 mins bodywrap
steam towels to warm the skin, mask then wrapping the body then massaging the mask in the skin
30 mins bodyscrub
20 mins full bodyscrub , then shower then mositurizing the skin
Permanent Contour
It takes face and body to the Next Level , the permanent contour unit generate steam which is passed through the equipment into permanently steamed herbs that are kept to a constant temperature whilst in contact with the face and body , the herbs are directly applied using a specialist oil and movements that maximise the therapeutic benefits allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin , there are 12 facial and body herbal pads to select from to meet individual needs including concern such as reliving muscular tension and creating advanced facial or body treatments to purify and rejuvenate the skin .
1 hour full body STEAM Herbs treatment
one hour of full body hand massage followed by the steamed herbal at 40 degrees which allows the herbs to penetrate the skin for the goodness or benefits of which its being used for
30 mins STEAM Herbs facial
30 mins facial including lymphatic drainage moves with hands and the steamed herbs to eliminate the toxins out which leads to fresher , glowing and younger looking skin

Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes are a groundbreaking new way to extend and thicken lashes to give long, full eyelashes that look and feel very natural.

Nouveau Lashes are produced in a very soft, light, synthetic material. They are naturally curved with a flat base and a fine, polished tip, just like natural eyelashes, and range in length from 6mm to 15mm.